Legend – From the Fjords – Empire Records, 1979

Legend - From the Fjords - Empire Records - 1979 - Album Cover

This is one of the holy grails of vintage heavy metal vynyl album collectors. The band Legend put out just this one record, self-produced and self-manufactured, in 1979. Only 500 copies were made, and I own one of them.

UPDATE: I have sold this album to a collector in Europe. I'm leaving this page up, however, as a tribute to Kevin Nugent, Fred Melillo, and Ray Frigon.

But it goes beyond that. I grew up in Connecticut, where the band was from, and had the priviledge to both see the band perform live and to have met, informally, the late Kevin Nugent, the band's lead guitarist, singer, and composer. Kevin died in 1983. I met him at the gig I saw (in a small bar somewhere in Stratford, I think) and then again, in of all places, my dormitory at the University of Bridgeport (his then girlfriend lived there, he said). The last time I met him was at a Rush concert in New Haven, CT, I think it was 1983, shortly before he died.

And it gets better: This album is not only original (I bought it new myself in 1979) but it is in near perfect condition. I'm not a record collector, and don't know the grading system, but, as you'll see in the high-resolution photos below, the front cover is perfect (except for a faint brownish stain, about the size of a pencil eraser, see close-up). The back cover has light ring wear at the top and the bottom. The lower left corner of the cover is bare on the edge, about 1/4 inch from the corner (see pictures) but it barely touches the actual front and back of the record. The original lyric sheet is enclosed. The record itself is perfect. The pictures show some highlights from the flash, but close inspection of the record surface shows it to be pristine. I couldn't find a real scratch on it. I took very good care of it. About the only let-down is that the record sleeve is an MCA sleeve. Who knows where that came from, but if you purchase this from me, you'll want to buy a collector's sleeve for it anyway.

The album art is by a man named Ioannis, and, like Kevin, I actually met him too at the University of Bridgeport. He was an art student there. I got to see some of his original paintings, which were much like the cover art of From the Fjords. Ioannis went on to do cover art for The Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Blue Oyster Cult, Styx, Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fates Warning, UFO, Biohazard, and more. You can see his web site at So this was technically his first commercial work. That in itself makes the album rare.

And that's the best part: I'm selling this album. I need money, and I recently found out, after searching on Legend, that this album is worth a LOT of money. I'm putting it on eBay, and the starting bid will be $1,500.00. That's a bargain, because I've seen it for sale online for much much more and have heard that it sells for much much more, if and when copies become available.

Understand, there are cheap re-issues of this album available, on CD and tape. There are mp3's of the songs (taken from a much worse copy of the original album) available on the web. So this record of mine is for the serious vintage metal collector only. It should go to a loving home.

Here are the specifics:

  • Band: Legend
  • Album Title: Fröm The Fjörds
  • Band Members: Kevin Nugent, 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, lead vocals; Raymond E. Frigon, drums, cymbals, gongs, tuned and untuned percussion, vocals; Fred Melillo, fretted and fretless bass, octave and flanged bass.
  • Engineered by: Buddy Pollack; Engineers: Kevin Nugent and Don Wade
  • Album Design: Ioannis
  • Mixed at: Golden East Studios, New Caanan, CT
  • Produced by: Kevin Nugent and Ray Frigon
  • Manufactured by: Empire Records, a division of Colussus Enterprises (Hamden, CT)
  • Vinyl Gutter Code: Side A: A11186A; Side B: A11186B. There are also the initials FW on both sides, followed by something that looks like a greek lowercase sigma with a dot in it, like this:

Track List:

  • Side A: The Destroyer, The Wizard's Vengeance, The Golden Bell, The Confrontation
  • Side B: R.A.R.Z., Against the Gods, The Iron Horse, From the Fjords

And Finally, Here are the Pictures:

Legend: From the Fjords - Front Cover

Legend: From the Fjords - Back Cover

The red circle points out where the slight, brownish blemish is on the cover.

Legend: From the Fjords - Lyric Sheet Insert

Legend: From the Fjords - Side A Label

Legend: From the Fjords - Side B Label

A nice shot of the shiny, scratch-free grooves!

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