Ibanez Model 2681-NT "Bob Weir" Professional Electric Guitar

The Bob Weir model was made between approximately 1976 and 1979. The guitar I have for sale was made in September of 1977 (going by its serial number, I777695).

Catalog Scans

The Bob Weir model underwent various subtle design changes during its lifespan. In 1976, it had Super 70 "logo" pickups, a "harmonica" style bridge and Gibson-style "speed knobs". It also had a one-piece "tail/cloud":

1976 Ibanez Professional Series Catalog

By 1978, the harmonica bridge had been replaced with an Ibanez-original design "Gibraltar I" bridge, the pickups were Super 80s (flying fingers) and the knobs were replaced with Ibanez "Suregrip I" knobs. The tail was replaced with a two-piece tail + cloud. Note the presence of three screws holding the cloud piece in place:

1978 Ibanez Electric Guitars Catalog, first page

1978 Ibanez Electric Guitars Catalog, second page

My guitar, however, is a transitional model, and somewhat rare. Suregrips were introduced very late in 1977. My guitar still has the speed knobs, which are original to this guitar. Also, note the following picture of my tail/cloud. My cloud has an extra part to it, which goes UNDER the tail piece. Two of the cloud's mounting screws are underneath the tail. Just one is visible when the tail is in place. This was a very short-lived tail configuration. In fact, it is the ONLY Weir with a tail like this that the folks at Ibanez Collectors World have seen. (I'm a member there and we looked for another.)

My Tailpiece

Detailed Guitar Condition and Photos

I believe in complete disclosure of the condition of any guitar I sell on eBay or otherwise online. Following is a condition report and then many photos (too many, probably). If you click on any picture, it will open a high-resolution (8mpix) version that you can then zoom in on.

As stated earlier, this guitar is in completely stock, original condition. There are no replaced pieces whatsoever. There are just two "dings" to note: One on the back of the neck at the same level as the fourth fret. I do not notice the ding when I'm playing. The other ding is on the lower horn of the guitar. There are photos of both below. The pickups have noticeable wear, again, as shown in the photos. Otherwise, the finish is in near immaculate condition, with just a few very shallow surface scratches (mostly on the back too). There are no "top of headstock" dings common to 30+ year old guitars. Also, the "scroll" of the headstock is completely intact, with no cracks or breaks. (That's a common occurrence with these guitars.) The vine inlay is intact and solid (no lifting). The frets have near 100% life to them. I do not know if this is from a refret, or if the frets are original. I have provided detailed photos of the frets for your examination. The pickup switch is a little scratchy, and should probably be opened and the connections cleaned up. (That is possible to do with this type of switch.) The gold bridge and tail/cloud show wear, but are in great shape. The tuners are very shiny, with lots of gold plating remaining. The pickup rings are intact with no breaks.

Here come the photos:

Warning: The following hi-res photo is HUGE!